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Strategic Planning Campaigns for: Awareness, Re-Branding, Writing & Editing, Media Relations and Event Planning

Strategic Campaign Packages Include:

  • Defining your needs, research on who you want to reach, what you would like them to do and how you can engage your current and potential clients/supporters to take action.
  • Setting your goals and planning what you will do to accomplish your them.
  • What are the specific percentages and numbers that need to be met to accomplish your goals?
  • Which methods should you use to reach to current and potential clients/supporters to take action?

Writing and Editing Press Releases, Biographies, Memoirs, Brochures and other publications:

  • Use words, stories and a strong voice to get your audience’s attention.
  • Have three or more people view or read your writing or communications creations to make sure your work is accurate and looks professional and sends the message you want to be seen or heard.

Event Planning; often a part of a public relations campaign

  • For galas, seminars, celebrations and award ceremonies it is all about details.
  • From finding and booking the best venue to planning the seating and food; all based on who you would like to attend and what atmosphere you want to project
  • For outdoor events, plan for weather conditions, and fine-tune activities and publicity to match your plan; goals and desired outcomes for your business.

Please contact me to set up a free consultation:
Email: JNSComm.pr@gmail.com
Mobile: (803) 446 – 2244

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