About Us

JNS Communications was founded by Juliet Nader Smith in 2009. After 10 years as a reporter for print, broadcast and radio news, it was time to transition to a different kind of communications; a means to help individuals and organizations accomplish goals and increase recognition in the Public Relations field, using strategic campaign planning.

My sky photo

The writing was on the wall…actually on the page, not is the sky; but this photo I took is pretty neat, huh?

The impetus for starting JNS Communications resulted from an unfortunate lay-off from the MADD, South Carolina office, where Juliet was hired as administrative assistant, but was allowed and asked to use her previous skills as a reporter to increase awareness through media coverage. Recognition of the South Carolina office was low in 2007 for a decrease of budget caused by unforeseen circumstances. The previous national MADD president, Glynn Birch described her work in a reference letter: “As administrative assistant, Juliet’s duties were increased due to the loss of a state executive director. Juliet provided MADD with a broad array of services that deal with directing an organization of a state level, promoting its mission, media interviews, and participating in different social events, working with our national office in communications, public policy and other key departments to improve messaging for legislative testimony. These services were attained through hard work, utilizing her leadership and marketing knowledge, as well as interpersonal skills.” Unfortunately, Juliet was laid off one year after the Mortgage Crisis and Great Recession of 2008. At the end of January, 2009, she started JNS Customer Service to work for a couple of telemarketing companies, the went on her own after a few years; earned a Master’s in Mass Communications/Public Relations, and changed the name of the business to JNS Communications.

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