The Demise of Writing Skills

What has become of proper writing?

So many digital options are out there for communicating. To the near demise of letters with meaningful content.

I am unfortunate that my writing has deteriorated from the hands of Chemotherapy treatments. Although I have recovered from most of the ravishes of Stage IV Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma since diagnosed in 1999, and even after years of hand therapy for nerve damage from those life-saving chemicals.

One of my opinions is, health gurus say natural potions procured from the earth are better and safer for you, but don’t all chemicals originate from natural products anyway? Do health scientists and biologists just grab some substance from space to make their pills and regiments of liquid and Big Pharma cures?

Anyway, I digress, I guess that is all part of writing a blog. I have not written very many blogs, but I am starting these for this website. You can get an idea of what goes on in my Radiation-treated brain.

After the first three treatments of what the “Treatment Team” called “CHOP Therapy,” the acronym was based on the four “drugs” used to treat my condition, a “Blood Cancer,” that damages cells in the Lymph Nodes of your body.

Evidently the drugs used to kill the bad cells in my body and also damaged the nerve cells in many parts of my body. I could not write, my fingers could not coordinate together enough to write words. I had to sign forms with just a scribble, or and “X.” My physical therapist gave me one of those triangular shaped exercise tools that you squeeze to strengthen your grip and finger motion.

It did help my writing ability after a few months, I write mostly legibly on notebook paper, but my writing on blank paper for Thank You notes is uneven and does not look good. So, I would say I have a medical excuse not to write notes by hand, but I believe the new generations of this World do and will need a lot of guidance on writing, not only legibly but with correct spelling and grammar.

I will suggest some solutions coming up in this blog or the next, but this is my input for now.