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I am passionate about communications. I like to meet and mix with people and talk about current events. That is why I started my career in journalism. I have now changed my approach to using my writing and speaking skills to help organizations meet and exceed their goals,

I would like to help you acco​mplish yo​ur personal or company goals.

With more than 20 years of experience in public relations, public speaking, 

news reporting and media relations, I offer many communications services.

​Media Relations

      The photo to the left shows a news conference I organized for a Mothers Against Drunk Driving campaign to discourage drunk driving during the Holiday Season.

     I collaborated with South Carolina Law Enforcement, contacted DUI survivors and victim families to attend and used my media contact database to notify state media about the event.

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Consulting & Creating for 

Strategic & Campaign Planning

My Portfolio Includes:

  • Managing a strategic fundraising campaign for the Lexington Blowfish Baseball organization.
  • Collaborating on a re-branding marketing campaign for a University of South Carolina student-run business.
  • Organizing  a strategic public relations campaign to increase awareness, membership, volunteers and donations for the South Carolina Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization.

I have experience in writing for TV, radio and print news, social media, blogs and editorials. Also, I am skilled in social media, photography and videography, 

I took the photos above  in Lexington, S.C., near my home, 

at Virginia Beach and at the Saluda Shoals River in Columbia, S.C.

I can also provide services in South Carolina through these certifications:

Grant Writing 

Notary Public

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Cell: 803-446-2244